Pressestimmen | Alexandra Cavelius: China-Protokolle

'Schockierende Protokolle aus China'
»Genozid in China: Millionen Uiguren und andere Minderheiten interniert und gefoltert.«
»In Berichten, Interviews und Analysen zeichnen die kasachische Dissidentin, die für ihr Engagement mit dem Nürnberger Menschenrechtspreis 2021 ausgezeichnet wurde, und die Journalistin A. Cavelius ein düsteres Bild der Großmacht - mit der Warnung vor der Bedrohung von Demokratie und Menschenrechten - auf dem Weg zur Weltherrschaft.«
Reinhild Khan, ekz.bibliotheksservice | 06.12.2021 |
"Xinjiang´s Killing Fields: A Uyghur Scholar Who Survived Speaks"
»For the first time, a respected scholar in his community is coming out about his experiences in a camp complex so large it´s terrifying. Hidden between high mountains, supposedly 100.000 prisoners are locked up just east of the Xinjiang´s capital, Urumqi. Until now it was believed that the largest camps were built for 10.000 inmates. [...] Both tell their stories openly but have requested that detailed description be omitted that could elad to their identification. Otherwise they are afraid it would put their children´s live in mortal danger back home. [...] They were good citizen who only did what the state asked them to do. Their orders were to kill as many prisoners as possible in a short time. Killing us all at once probably would have been not only a logistical problem, but also more difficult for the government to justify to the outside world. They killed top-priority prisoners immediately, while others were tortured so severely that they either died still in custody or soon after release.«
Bitter Winter | 04.01.2022 |